21st Century Learning

The classroom model we have used for the last 70 years does not work anymore. Schools and districts are slowly realizing this and changes are coming. Through a terrible cold (no voice, sinus pressure, nausea, the works) I managed to learn more about the various aspects of it.

There were many listicles that gave quick overviews, such as Terry Heick’s 7 Shifts to Create A Classroom Of The Future (2019) and Tsisana Palmer’s 15 Characteristics of a 21st-Century Teacher (2015). Most places defined or elaborated on 21st century learning by using the Four C’s: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. The Partnership for 21st Century Learning hosts an extended framework on the Four C’s on their website for a more in-depth explanation.

I am already successful at some parts of 21st century learning as a product of my position. As a music teacher my students and I create constantly. We collaborate to create a single piece of music together on different instruments. We do not sit at desks in 93% of my classes and we move around constantly. I could improve by making my classroom more learner-focused instead of teacher-focused. This may be one of my goals for the next school year! In the meantime, I thought about setting short term goals around 21st century learning. Since video can be more interesting, this weekend I also learned how to use a video editing software to illustrate my thoughts on 21st century learning so far.


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