How Much Is Too Much Pizza?

We have begun! I have made three pizzas so far, and plan on making three more before my next update. After trying the first pie and tasting success, I moved on to making pesto. The Serious Eats recipe calls for a mortar and pestle, items that I don’t own. What tools do I have that are similar? How about a cocktail shaker and a muddler?

All tools used for pesto: muddler, knife, cutting board, digital scale, immersion blender, spatula, cocktail shaker, Ziploc container, and cup for storing unused basil stems.

It smashed my garlic and pine nuts up pretty well! The next step was to add basil and I knew I could not use my muddler to crush the basil finely enough. This is when I pulled out my immersion blender/food processor to finish the pesto.

The National Research Council in How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience and School: Expanded Edition said “Transfer is affected by the degree to which people learn with understanding rather than merely memorize sets of facts or follow a fixed set of procedures…” (pp. 55, 2000). If I had just followed the recipe I would have had to buy specific tools just for pesto. Instead I was able to transfer my knowledge of what my current appliances do to fit a new recipe.

Below is my third pizza going into the oven. This time I remembered to put cornmeal underneath the dough and mastered the pizza shimmying technique.

Pizza shimmying technique.

I think this pizza looks really good! I’m having a friend over this weekend for Disney movies and pizza during our snowstorm, and that will be my second to last test.

Final pizza with pesto product on January 30, 2019.

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