I Made…

Over the last year I have increased the items that I expect myself to do each day. This last six weeks I added taking a picture each day. At first I was unsure what the theme would be, but as I spent more time making artifacts for my graduate career, I thought more about the word “make”. We use it in so many contexts, and not all of them mean creating a physical object, like a tiny box. I make time for things. I make things happen. I make people feel things. I make assignments and lessons. These all manifest themselves in different ways – time with friends, names on a whiteboard, designing a wedding.

I have been consumed with graduate work, wedding planning, and a full-time teaching position. This has led to a feeling of time passing faster and faster with each day, shown by the decreasing time spent with each scene in the video. With less than 100 days to plan a wedding, 50 days of school, and no time left in this semester’s coursework, time has flown.

This work is dedicated to my friends and family who have supported me through a very rough last month. I am blessed to have people who understand that not every day will be positive, but all time we spend together is valuable.


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