So Here’s the Problem…

My problem of practice that I have been focusing on for design purposes is...

Itinerant music teachers are struggling to teach successful lessons.

Our district is increasing population steadily and requires each class to have two 50-minute music classes a week. With the number of classes in each elementary building, they need more than one dedicated music educator to teach that many classes. This does not create a second full-time position at that building, so the district creates various “itinerant” or traveling music teacher schedules where teachers go to different buildings throughout the week to teach these classes. 

Each building provides a different amount of space (cafeteria, classroom, portable, shared classroom) and equipment (a whiteboard and a projector to a fully stocked music classroom). The teachers in these positions are usually inexperienced and new, which makes the varied teaching and learning situations difficult. There are also discipline and behavior issues due to fluctuating faculty, learning spaces, and inconsistent consequences.

Ideally, the outcome would be that the itinerant music educators feel supported and able to teach engaging lessons despite their environments. Once they feel comfortable in these roles, they will stay, gain experience, develop better lesson plans, and have stronger classroom management skills.


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