Testing…now with video!

My specific problem is that itinerant general music teachers are feeling unsupported in their transient positions. Going through the design process, there are several steps: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. This shows my prototype handbook to solve the problem going through the testing phase. 

Due to the testing happening during social isolation for COVID-19, it looked different than originally planned and went suboptimally. I asked for volunteers from a music teacher email distribution list, and received three responses. The three eventually gave me three levels of feedback: in-depth, a brief summary, and no response. I could have followed up to create more in-depth responses, but our school was also not requiring heavy work from us during this period (only email checking once a day during the work week) and may not have produced more responses.

The feedback I did receive helped me decide that I was moving in the right direction and mostly needed minor tweaks to create the most effective handbook. I will spend the next few weeks fleshing this out and creating a useful document for future itinerants.


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