Why A Blog?

At first, this started as a simple means to an end: I was required to have a blog to post my coursework for my Master of Arts in Educational Technology program. But as that draws my program draws to a close, I was surprised that I did not want to let the blog go…go with me on this journey here.

I tweet a lot. My husband and I met on Twitter in 2015. I have moved into having separate Twitters for personal and professional life, and learned how to be an ally through the medium. But there’s only so many times you can tweet a day before you start wondering “Okay, so what does this look like to the people who only follow 10-20 people? Who exactly is my audience?” I try to follow 300 people maximum at a time, but I know there are others who follow many more and much less than I do. I don’t want to take over anyone’s feeds. So a blog may help me work through some of my longer form ideas without writing a bunch of Twitter threads.

What will you find here? Lots of things. Musings on my travels, my experiences in education and technology, maybe a music review or two. I can’t promise that it will always be interesting (or continue to perfectly implement APA format now that I don’t have instructors reading my work), but I promise that I will keep writing, and that I won’t be going away when my program ends.

Thanks for reading,


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