I have several accomplishments that I am proud of from my collegiate and career experiences. I divided them into my three parts that have defined my positions and schooling so far: education & leadership, technology & design, and music & performing. Please enjoy learning more about me and my work!

Education & Leadership

Out of my three passions of education, technology, and music, education was the one I wanted to study more deeply through graduate coursework. By strengthening my knowledge of education through professional development, day-to-day work, and courses at Michigan State University, I have been able to take steps towards becoming a leader in education.

In learning about how to be a successful leader and educational technologist, I developed this vision. It explains in depth what I would use technology in educational settings to pursue. I have worked to be able to clearly articulate my vision so that others can join me in making it real.

Part of my graduate coursework has been reviewing who I am as a person and solidifying my ability to “sell” myself. I can be true to who I am as a person and use my values to be a leader. I also can put together polished video presentations.

My undergraduate and graduate work has continually informed my understanding of learning inside and out of the classroom. This essay demonstrates my writing ability and depth of knowledge of learning.

Technology & Design

Itinerant elementary music teachers have difficult positions that can be lonely and exhausting. I wanted to ease the questions that pop up unexpectedly throughout the year and decided that a handbook would work. I conducted user research, brainstormed, worked through biases, made a prototype, and tested a possible solution within a four-month time frame.

This is a final presentation on a theoretical product that could help teachers create and assess group work more accurately. I conducted user research, created prototypes in various applications, and designed a presentation that clearly communicates my thought process.

Learning happens in all kinds of ways! I was challenged to learn something new through internet resources only. Through this I proved to myself that I am capable of learning through various technological resources (websites, YouTube videos, reaching out on social media) and I can build new skills that I did not think were possible. Eating a lot of pizza was an extra bonus!

Music & Performing

In April 2013 I performed my senior flute recital in Reynolds Recital Hall at Northern Michigan University. The recital is accompanied by Dr. Nancy Zimmerman (then Redfern). Elementary music teachers rarely get to showcase their preferred instrument skills, and this demonstrates my ability to set a challenging performance goal and meet it through constant practice. Pieces performed:
Sonata in D major – Johann Gottfried Muthel
Sonata for Flute & Piano H.306 – Bohuslav Martinu
Fantaisie brillante sur ‘Carmen’ – Francois Borne

As our school closed down during the COVID-19 outbreak, we were given no direction as to what to do for the first six weeks. I developed and released several videos for my students to follow along with at home. Creating content for the specific needs of the situation is a valuable skill I have learned.

My kindergarten students learn how to control their voices in my class but struggle to remember what their options are. I have honed the skill of making song parodies to help my students remember new things…and they ask for this one often! It showcases my ability to create curriculum that reinforces concepts my students need more resources for.