Passion, Learning, & Technology

I realized this week I am a very passionate person. When I care about something or someone, I care about them deeply and for a long time. For a long time, my main intrinsically motivated passions have been music, learning, and technology. I explore these in the video below.

I was so happy to find a public domain version Tchaikovsky’s Garland Waltz from his Sleeping Beauty ballet to pair with this piece. My passion for music has been a continual driving force in my life, but my passion for learning ebbs and flows. One of my questions to focus on after this class will be “How can I keep my curiosity for learning consistent instead of relying on my intrinsic motivation?”

“The main premise of appreciative inquiry is that positive questions, focusing on strengths and assets, tend to yield more effective results than negative questions focusing on problems or deficits,” Warren Berger shares in A More Beautiful Question. I phrased my question above in a positive manner so hopefully I can use my strengths to create consistent motivation (whether intrinsic or extrinsic) to learn. If I see myself as a learner, my students and I can grow together, fostering a positive learning environment for all of us.


Berger, Warren. (2014). A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas. [Kindle].


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